Sound In Space,
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We Don’t Need Roads

May 11, 2021

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Welcome to Sound in Space, the podcast that looks at the science behind the scenes. In our first episode we’re celebrating the movies that laughed in the face of vehicle physics and risked their no claims bonuses with some lovely motor based mayhem.
First up under the microscope is Chris Nolan’s 2020 time reversing take on a Bond film “Tenet”; a movie whose bullet rewinding subtile needing action confused as many cinema goers as it wowed but… could it actually happen?
Then we’re popping into a post apoplectic dance orgy thing with 2003’s “The Matrix Reloaded” and looking at the movie’s most famous moment, the amazing “You always said it was suicide” highway chase.
And finally another Keanu classic but this time he trades in his long coat and sunglasses for a bus pass in 1994’s “Speed”. The question is though… Could you really hop a bus?
Plus some “Fast and Furious” torpedo antics in the first ever “Challenge Barry”.
So join superhero scientist Barry Fitzgerald, writer Shivvy Hicker and person Andy Gaffney for the podcast that answers all the movie questions you maybe once thought but actually never looked up the answers to.
If you want to give us a shout or in fact “Challenge Barry” give us a shout [email protected]
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