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Time Travel – [12 Monkeys, Groundhog Day, The Time Traveler’s Wife]

June 29, 2021

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This week on Sound in Space we are turning the clocks back as Barry, Shiv and Andy go all timey wimey with some time traveling treats. Which got the science right and which ones were chancing their time arms?
Under the microscope in this episode are
12 Monkeys – Bruce Willis goes back to 1996 in order to stop a pandemic and help Brad Pitt get nominated for an Oscar but just in off chance chance one of those was around the corner would his plan work in the real world?
Groundhog Day – Speaking of pandemics Bill Murray gave us a sneak peek at the year 2020 when he was forced to live the same day over end over again in all time classic Groundhog Day but would a time loop ever be possible and is there an even more important lesson in this film?
And finally – The Time Traveler’s Wife – Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are a couple in need of some marriage counselling in this time spanning romance but what was the cause of our time traveler’s time hopping and was someone being a bit naughty ?
All this and the gang look at some real life time travel and figure out some slightly .. different ways to use it.
Plus the answer to last week’s Challenge Barry. If you want to get in touch or challenge Barry yourself give us a shout at [email protected]
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