Sound In Space,
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Space Invaders! [Arrival + Independence Day]

June 29, 2021


This week on Sound In Space we’re looking to the stars with two very different examples of alien invasions.
Under the microscope this week are –
Arrival – The heptopods are here and they’re here to help but we’re only going to figure that out if Amy Adams can crack the secret to their language in this beautifully sad modern masterpiece. But if aliens arrived tomorrow would we be able to chat to them?
Independence Day – In 1996 we did not go quietly into the night when the flying saucers arrived and started blowing up white houses like there was no tomorrow. But in a world where Jeff Goldbulm is only just a beloved actor how would we fare if aliens set on destruction came for a visit ?
Plus carbon based chat, the gamble of calling the movie Independence Day and not changing a thing even though you know it’s not going to end well
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