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Ghosts Vs. Scientists! [Ghostbusters , Ghostbusters 2]

June 29, 2021


This week on Sound In Space we’re putting ghosts against scientists as we chat all things ghostly which means we’re off to a fire house in New York.
Under the microscope this week are
Ghostbusters – The classic from 1984 is considered one of the greatest comedies from all time and even changed the rules of film making. This tale of three scientists busting what goes bump in the night will live forever but how does the science hold up in the real world?
Ghostbusters 2 – The Ghostbusters returned in this..less loved sequel but as Marshmallow Men went out, haunted paintings and even more science came in..but this science as scary as the ghosts?

All this plus the science of Proton Packs, some spooky stories and Challenge Barry.

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