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Superhero Origins [Ant-Man, Unbreakable, Into The Spider-Verse]

June 29, 2021


This week on Sound In Space we’re going back to issue one with a trio of superhero origin stories.
Under the microscope this week are
Ant-Man – In 2015 the quick handed Scott Land stole all our hearts when he became Marvel’s smallest superhero Ant-Man. A movie heavy on the science behind his shrinking but what are the chances of this happening in the real world? Plus could you actually talk to Ants?
Unbreakable – M. Night Shyamalan cemented his reputation as king of the twists when he reteamed with Bruce Willis as the rather unbreakable David Dunn but is his super immune system science fiction or could you be lifting weights like a contestant on Love Island.
And finally – Intro The Spider-Verse – A comic book jumped off the screen in 2018 with the incredible Intro The Spider-Verse which saw Miles Morales team up with a heap of Spider-People and pigs in this story which taught us anyone could be a hero. But how many of Miles’s new powers can past the Barry Test?
Speaking of the good scientist himself, we also find out the answer to last week’s Challenge Barry. If you would like to send in a science question or just chat about anything please do send us a mail to [email protected]
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