Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Siobhan Brosnan

February 05, 2020

Van Halen was hot for them, Pink Floyd shouted at them and Elton John needed them, yes this week’s Be Grand is all about teachers.

As a show that is 75 percent about school (the rest being jj72, Andy wanting to be in a boyband and the phrase “eerrrmmm”) the next logical step was to get a teacher on the show to answer the questions that you have always wanted to know so joining Andy this week is teacher and comedian Siobhan Brosnan.

Do teachers know their own nickname? What happens when hormones hit the school yard and did the teacher you fancied know you fancied them? Siobhan is on hand is answer all of these and more. Plus why the the old teachings methods have to change and why kindness to the student will always be the most important thing a teacher would give to a student.

So enjoy this episode of a podcast that still thinks of Andrew Lincoln as Mr Casey and not the zombie hunting sign carrying so and so he would become.

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