Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Fiona Hyde

June 25, 2019

In 1963 Cliff Richard promised fun and laughter on a summer holiday but, rather selfishly, wanted to dole them out over a week or a two. Well, this summer holiday, end-of-term special of Be Grand is jammed to the brim with both fun and laughter but mainlines it in about one hour twelve minutes. Take that Cliff, you lazy, lazy man.

Joining us to celebrate the end of term in the halls of Be Grand High is the one and only Fiona Hyde. Anyone who follows her on Twitter will know that Fiona is the funniest person in any room she inhabits and she joins Andy to discuss, in trademark hilarious fashion, what it was that drove her to actually steal people’s actual pockets during her school days, her time as an agony aunt and also what it was like that time she went to war with the mayor of Galway.

Also, having just returned from a globetrotting jaunt, Fiona tells us what she learned as a solo traveller, what she missed about home and also her tips for anyone thinking of doing the same.

So do enjoy this sun-soaked episode of Be Grand that promises to be almost as enjoyable as a school tour spent down the Bray Bowl. Take care!

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