Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Kevin Lehan

June 16, 2020

Our guest this week on Be Grand is the screenwriter Kevin Lehane. Kevin’s credits include his booze fuelled alien West of Ireland invasion movie ‘Grabbers’ and writing for Neil Gaiman’s ‘Likely Stories’.

Kevin joins Andy for a very honest chat, lifting the lid on the world of screenwriting as they chat about the highs and lows of trying to get your story told. Kevin chats about the amazing feeling of seeing your vision literally come together in front of your eyes, and how seeing a poster for your movie up in the local cinema might be best feeling ever, plus how sometimes you have to let go of the things you most loved about a project. Kevin also tells Andy the one thing he wish he knew about screenwriting when he first started.

Kevin chats about the difficulty of being the only kid with an English accent in an Irish class and of course this being Be Grand, Kevin and Andy chat about a mutual love of ‘Star Trek’.

This episode only features not one, but two genuinely amazing stories about Xtravision. Other podcasts might just drop one local VHS rental story in but Be Grand thinks you deserve better than that.

So join Kevin and Andy as they chat fighting aliens, arch rivals on results day and try to discover what hard water is.

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