Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Razan Ibraheem

October 01, 2019

There have been some unlikely and, let’s face it, unwanted comebacks over the years. The Librarians, starring Christian Kane, got a second series in 2014… Liverpool somehow managed to beat AC Milan to the Champions League in 2005… but neither of these can hold a candle to Be Grand, which has returned in glorious fashion for a second series despite nobody in their right mind wanting that.

And to kick things off, we’re delighted to bring you a very special guest indeed. Razan Ibraheem is a journalist whose work has appeared in The Guardian and is a regular contributor on politics for Irish TV and radio. Though based in Ireland, Razan was born in Syria and has dedicated her work towards spreading awareness of and educating people about the ongoing Syrian War as well as highlighting the plight of refugees driven from their homes as a result of the conflict. She has spoken about this at the United Nations and was awarded International Woman of the Year by Irish Tatler.

Before tackling the Leaving Cert, Razan chats to Andy about what it was like growing up in Syria, what needs to happen to help the people of the battered nation and the unforeseen consequences of having a picture of Ronan Keating at home.

Be Grand is back and there’s nobody better to reassure us that things might actually end up okay than Razan and her brilliant dedication to helping others.

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