Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Alan Maguire

January 21, 2020

Hit podcast Juvenalia specialises in taking their guests on a nostalgic journey through their formative years with abundant wit, grace and warmth. Longtime listeners of Be Grand (all six of them), on the other hand, are more accustomed to listening to what might as well be a drunken uncle with a JJ72 fetish who’s just been handed a microphone as he rants in the corner of the living room on Christmas Day. So, in a long-overdue act of self-improvement, Andy this week seeks advice from Juvenalia host and Not The RTÉ Guide creator Mr. Alan Maguire.

Alan talks about what he’s learned in his time chatting to people about the idiosyncrasies of pop culture’s past and what are the common themes that surface when we look back with fondness. There’s also a profound discussion on the subtle art of nicknaming a teacher and how the smallest decisions you make in your school years can change your life in ways you’d never imagine.

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