Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Aoife Blight – Zero Waste in The Vale

November 05, 2019

Little did we realise when crying along to Radiohead singing about “A green plastic watering can/For a fake Chinese rubber plant” back in the Nineties that we were effectively advocating ecological genocide but thankfully Be Grand’s latest guest is here to set us straight – zero waste consultant and founer of Zero Waste In The Vale, Aoife Blight.

Aoife drops in to talk to Andy about what it means to be “zero waste”, the practical changes we can all effect in order to ensure a plastic-free future, how the birth of her child first inspired her to change her ways and what ultimately will be the consequences for the planet if we don’t take drastic action to reduce the amount of plastic waste we currently produce.

If all of that sounds rather bleak then don’t worry as, this being Be Grand, there is also discussion on how spending your school work experience on the set of that fixture of Irish children’s TV The Den is just about the coolest thing ever, how Jurassic Park’s Dr. Ellie Sattler is a fountain of inspiration and finally an abundance of exam questions centred on body hair and its idiosyncrasies.

So, pour yourself a cuppa and settle in for a plastic-free episode of Be Grand with your old pal Andy. If you like what you’ve heard please remember to review us on iTunes or wherever you consume your daily podcasts!

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