Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Caroline O’Donoghue

October 15, 2019

This week Andy is joined on Be Grand by writer, journalist and podcaster Caroline O’Donohue and becomes, quite possibly, his new best friend in the process.

As the host of the championing chick-lit podcast Sentimental Garbage, Caroline is the ideal person to talk to about all the artistic guilty pleasures you enjoy but were too afraid to discuss lest you be judged. Andy takes full advantage of this to go on a deep dive about which Simpsons characters he and Caroline most closely resemble and also treat listeners to a world-first: a “Billy Zane-Off”

Caroline also elaborates on what it’s as like to make the daunting move to London to follow her dreams and her “Frank Sinatra Moment” – the 2018 release of her debut novel Promising Young Woman.

Settle in for a bumper packed edition of Be Grand but when you’re talking to someone as full of joy as Caroline, you gotta roll with it. You’re welcome to that ear worm.

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