Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Sasha Hamrogue – Grief Encounters

May 07, 2019

Almost every human being alive today will at some point have to deal with something that is almost impossible to prepare for – the anguish of grief. Yet despite its universality it is understandably something that most of us find difficult to discuss. That doesn’t apply to Sasha Hamrogue, co-host of the wonderful Grief Encounters podcast, which invites people to talk about how their lives have been impacted by this most painful emotion. Sasha is the subject of this week’s edition of Be Grand and she joins Andy in exploration of their shared experiences of loss, the most common traits Sasha sees in own pod’s guests and why it’s vital that society offers greater compassion than it does currently.

Sasha also talks about her experiences in an American high school where, much to our distress, she learned that not all Jocks resemble Chris “Captain America” Evans. Then there’s the ten years she spent working at MTV and how she somehow held on to her sanity despite despite regularly coming into contact with Nicholas Cage. To cap it all off, Sasha discovers the ultimate Be Grand hack for maximum points… mentioning JJ72.

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