Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Philip Boucher-Hayes

October 08, 2019

Philip Boucher-Hayes is one of Ireland’s most respected broadcast journalists and his career has seen him report on topics varying from climate change to the idiosyncrasies of the Irish diet. Despite the fact that this is a man who has reported from war zones, he now faces his most daunting challenge yet as he comes face-to-face with Any “Ever Watch Emmerdale?” Gaffney.

As a correspondent for RTE Philip has reported on the Kosovo War, the aftermath of the 2004 St. Stephen’s Day Tsunami, the 9/11 Attacks and broke the news of 2006 Israeli blockade of Lebanon. He’s presented several programmes including “What Are You Eating?” and has a documentary on climate change in the pipeline.

Philip joins Andy to discuss growing up in a school where it was impossible to shake the feeling of impostor syndrome, the psychological toll exacted by some of the devastating events he has reported on as well as confronting the legacy of ruining the humble chicken fillet roll for the entire nation (well, strictly speaking, just Andy and his mate Brian).

Andy also reminds Philip about their previous encounter, a story you will need to hear to believe…

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