Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Mary Cate Smith – Writer / Stylist

May 28, 2019

If the celebrated Fashion Weeks of Paris and Milan proved to be just outside your budget this year then despair no more as the supermarket own-brand alternative that is Be Grand Fashion Week is here and what better way to inaugurate such a prestigious event than by talking to professional glamour person Mary Cate Smith? A writer and stylist whose work has appeared in The Irish Times, The Irish Tatler and Woman’s Way among other publications, Mary Cate proves to be a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the fashion world, discussing in detail her personal sartorial icons, why “just copy Dermot O’Leary” isn’t particularly good advice when it comes to styling, and also elaborating on the unusual career trajectory that saw her move from being a drama teacher to a successful writer and personal brand.

The fashion industry isn’t immune to some of the challenges society is facing so Mary Cate also talks passionately about why the industry needs to become more socially and environmentally conscious with respect to how it sources its materials and treats its workers as well as what changes she would like to see happen.

Finally, the two dedicated followers of fashion use the slingshot effect (pioneered by Kirk et. al.) to travel back to the year 2001 and discover how Mary Cate’s presidential inauguration speech would have sounded and, in a first for the show, take on the Leaving Cert Music Paper while trying not to be sued by Queen in the process.

So enjoy the podcast that may be loud but never square with the mighty Mary Cate Smith!

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