Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Boni Odoemene

July 14, 2020

CW: This episode of Be Grand features descriptions of racist attitudes and their impacts, which may cause distress.

Joining Andy in the Be Grand schoolyard this week is Boni Odoemene, co-founder of the Black And Irish Instagram account, which aims to highlight and celebrate the struggles and successes of Ireland’s black community. At a time when the brutal injustices and cruel prejudices inflicted on black people have rarely been more apparent, Boni explains why the perception of black culture and history in Ireland needs to be fundamentally reassessed, starting with how changing the narrative in the Irish education system can help our society evolve and eradicate anti-black attitudes. Boni also describes some of the truly vile and disgusting acts of racism he and his siblings have suffered, the trauma of which once led him to contemplate bleaching his own skin.

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