Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Senator Eileen Flynn

August 11, 2020

Joining Andy this week on Be Grand is Senator Eileen Flynn. Eileen made history recently as the first person from the travelling community to be elected to the Oireachtas.

Eileen talks to Andy about growing up and how the legacies and lessons of her parents would stay with her throughout her life. These include how her father’s love of the news would provide Eileen’s first taste of politics and what she thinks he would have said when she made the airwaves plus how her mother’s kind way of dealing with the racism shown towards her and her sister always made them feel okay.

Plus as suicide rates among the travelling community remain shockingly high Eileen talks about what urgently needs to be done to try and combat this and the struggle with trusting a system that has constantly let you down.

All this plus Eileen’s first sparks with activism which lead to sparks of a… different kind and keeping your twin out of trouble.

A genuine inspiration, Eileen’s story proves that you might just get to where you want in life despite what people think you can do.

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