Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Jo Linehan

May 18, 2020

This week Andy is joined by journalist, broadcaster and stylist Jo Linehan.

As the world hurtles even further beyond the point of no return, thoughts turn to what each of us can do to lead a more environmentally-sustainable way of life and preserve the Earth’s few precious natural resources. Andy considers one such resource to be “JJ72” so, if nothing else, Jo’s puts him straight on that one

Jo’s own show, “The Futurist Podcast”, highlights people and places currently making waves in sustainability. With a scope that takes in fashion, design and even influencers, Jo has documented these industries’ moves towards a more ecologically sound way of working while also considering the lengths they must go to before they can truly be considered environmentally-friendly. Ireland’s own attitude towards sustainability also comes under discussion and, with the world reeling from the havoc wrought by Covid-19, Andy asks what will be the unforeseen consequences now that most people have grown accustomed to working from home while wearing their pyjamas all day (Don’t pretend we’re the only ones who do that).

Plus, there’s chat about Jo’s role as a stylist and interior designer with the wildly successful Gaff Interiors and her secret history as a drummer, which saw her playing a gig on the same bill as… look, if you don’t know what band it was then frankly you have no business listening to this podcast*. Let’s just say Jo doesn’t need to worry about picking up any points in the music round.

All of this and Andy attempts to recreate the music aural exam from Jo’s Leaving Cert. You can probably guess how well that goes.

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* For the love of God, please keep listening to this podcast

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