Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Bláithín de Burca

December 10, 2019

Everyone loves a good crossover episode. First, it was the Griffin family making an appearance on The Simpsons. Then Mulder and Scully teamed up with the cops from, well, Cops. And who could forget when Doctor Doug Ross treated Rachel Green? Well, this week Be Grand finally joins this illustrious company as it crosses over with sister pod I Don’t Know Her and welcomes the great Bláithín de Burca to the guest’s chair (Well, we say “welcomes” but presumably she’s pretty familiar with the chair by this stage considering she sits in it every week).

Fresh from her recent triumphant Fringe show Blá Blá Blá, which you really need to see, Blá joins Andy to talk about the experiences that have contributed to her becoming the hilarious force of nature that she is today. Blá talks about growing up in North Dublin, how a year spent in Brussels taught her the value of making friends fast as well as the importance of the Irish language.

Then there’s the art of writing a joke, advice for any wannabe comics who might be listening and her views on the state of the comedy industry as we move into the third decade of the century.

A lovely, fun, warm experience featuring two old friends chatting… yes, you really should watch the episode of Voltron where Lion Voltron meets Vehicle Voltron. Until then, you could do a lot worse than listen to this week’s special episode of Be Grand.

Bláithín de Burca is one half of the I Don’t Know Her podcast out every week on The Shift, star of Try Channel videos and an ass-kicking standup to boot.

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