I Don't Know Her,

A Body of a Tricycle

July 28, 2020

Aoife didn’t kill the raaaadio star, Bláithín didn’t kill the raaaaadio star – in our minds, and in our farts, the lack of appreciation for radio as the best medium (and actually lots of other things like racism, misogyny, that feeling when you wake up from a dream where everything was perfect only to realise you’re still stuck here in your shitty mess of a life, to name a few) has gone too far! Also, PROPERTY. Rent, mortgages, black mold, they’re all absolutely out if control! And absolutely fuck the fact we’ll never be able to afford them tbh.
Karen is a tough one to figure out this week because even she can’t decide what she is. Maybe she should…. flip a coin… BYE

*out OF control

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