I Don't Know Her,

Black Lives Matter

June 09, 2020

Bit of a late one this week because we wanted to consider our place in all of this and how we can help. We’ve decided that that’s by briefly saying our piece and then amplifying the voices of those whose pieces have been said again and again in the hopes that the world will listen if we shout with them.

PLEASE: Listen and educate yourself to what is going on around us, donate where you can, support protests and POC voices any way you can. Follow POC artists, influencers and organisations and LISTEN to what they say, spread that word and remember to self-crit and check in with yourself on how your perspective could be more helpful, and how your privilege can be utilised.

We’ve made a list of a few resources that have been helpful to us. It’s in no particular order and it’s non-exhaustive. There is a link in our bio to an extremely helpful platform to learn more from too. Ní neart go chur le chéile. Black Lives Matter. No justice, no peace. Thanks all.

On Instagram, follow these brilliant people:


IRISH PEOPLE ESPECIALLY PLEASE educate yourself on racism in Ireland, direct provision and work to make a difference here on the ground as well as the world over. Make your voice heard: http://www.masi.ie/2020/05/18/petition-move-asylum-seekers-out-of-direct-provision-centres/

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