I Don't Know Her,

The Moon is a Lesbian

August 07, 2019

Here on the I Don’t Know Her Podcast we are big fans of Love, and that is a Sensation (eh? eh?) that a festival coming to Dublin soon will encourage, with the help of our very own Aoife! Bláithín is joining her local library because if you tell her something – anything – is “the last true bastion of Communism”, she will do it no questions asked. Please don’t take that as an invitation to say creepy things like some kinda gross online dater because that is on the chopping block this week, as well as bad sexers and men who don’t carry condoms. Learn how to LOVE, learn how to READ, learn SOME RESPECT, learn how to RIDE FOR GOD’S SAKE this is getting ridiculous.

Karen isn’t even trying to hide her identity at this stage but she’s just as weird as always. Oink.

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