Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Steven Sharpe

November 12, 2019

Bruce Springsteen on VH1’s Storytellers, Bobby Darin taking you back to 19 and 59 and Richard Blackwood’s autobiographical video to Mamma Who’s The Man? – some songs are just better when you know the story. This week’s guest Steven Sharpe has become the master of blending storytelling and songwriting with his unique mix of the two.

Steven joins Andy to talk about the points in life where he felt like he was finally fitting in, how discovering he was dyslexic would eventually lead to a whole new love of learning and how realising he could sing allowed him to rewrite his own story. Steven also talks about being gay in an incredibly religious household and the self doubt that came with it.

Steven chats about his new live album The Realness of Miss Representation which comes from his theatre show; an autobiographical look at being a 30 something gay man in a post marriage equality Ireland. He teaches us all how to make a DVD rack in the final proof that Andy is desperately trying to turn this show into an audition to one day host a light entertainment magazine show.

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