Spicebag Ghettos

June 05, 2019

In 1947 Dylan Thomas wrote “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” about humanity’s need to rage against the perpetual and relentless passage of time and on this week’s I Don’t Know Her we echo this moving statement – but also talk about how banging John Wick is so frankly you’re wasting your own time reading Dylan drone on in his Wick-less like way.

Elsewhere this episode is all singing and all dancing as we hit the high notes with My Crazy Ex Girlfriend but the potentially low notes that is the modern musical.

Plus, Who Is Karen this week gets caught up in a Web of it’s own making but goes down hill from there – two amazing puns about this week’s segment but you won’t get them till you listen which makes this preamble completely pointless.

Who know what else is pointless? Time. Take that Dylan Thomas.

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