Be Grand: The Leaving Cert Resit,

Niamh Farrell

May 05, 2020

it might be the podcasting equivalent of sitting anxiously outside the principal’s office but somehow, quite mystifyingly if we’re honest, Be Grand lurches ominously forward like a battle-scarred T-800. This week, Andy is joined by his old buddy and Hamsandwich front woman Niamh Farrell.

In this, the second episode recorded during lockdown, Niamh talks about the challenges that any spiring musician can expect to face, like how you shouldn’t necessarily take it as a bad omen if your debut gig took place on 9/11 or how to continue singing when Bon Jovi’s road crew is carrying out some minor construction work directly behind you as you perform. Also how you should keep going even when your band’s morale is at its lowest and how you should ignore the people attempting to drown you in bull excrement (figuratively, of course).

Plus there are the fixtures of Be Grand: the “Frank Sinatra” moments and how having your heart broken can be your City on the Edge of Forever (ask your friendly Star Trek fan for that reference). A badass, a grafter and a great friend, Niamh Farrell is living proof that everything, even during a pandemic, can Be Grand.

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