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Meeting The Clockwork Elves – My Ayahuasca Experience | Storytime with Thomas Fanning

November 27, 2020

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This week, Thomas Fanning comes on the podcast to share his Ayahuasca experience – meeting and dancing with the “Clockwork Elves”, Mother Ayahuasca and more while taking Ayahuasca on a weekend retreat (and how it compares to the experience of DMT). The Storytime Podcast is a video podcast available on YouTube (with audio-only versions on all good podcasting platforms), hosted by Irish YouTuber Clisare. Guests are invited on to share their best stories. Storytime ‘Take Two’ is brought to you by ‘The Shift’, an Irish Podcasting Network. For more podcasts from the Shift, check out New episodes of ‘Take Two’ now every FRIDAY! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE and hit the notification bell 🔔 🎙 Find the Podcast on the Audio Platform of your choice here: 🎙 Want to be on the podcast? Send an email to [email protected] introducing yourself and what story you’d like to share. 📲 Follow Clisare online: 🙌🏻 SUPPORT THE PODCAST: 🙌🏻 🎩 BECOME A PATRON: 🛍 USE OUR AFFILIATE LINKS – Two months of Skillshare FREE: Free audiobook with Audible free trial:

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