I Don't Know Her,
56 MNS 34 SECS

Bad Eggs Imma Body

June 26, 2019

Guess what we discovered this week? It’s Charo’s favourite band! No not a MUSIC band you IDIOT ugh, no it’s obviously an acupressure band because Charo cares about Bláithín’s sinuses and doesn’t want her to have HAYFEVER! That should be obvious honestly. Fear not though, music isn’t completely lost this episode as Aoife discovers empty orchestra for one and how to sing when you’re….not winning, actually, but that’s ok, you got this! All topped off with a frank and cynical yet hopeful discussion about one of our favourite things – PRIDE! And one of our least favourite things – corporations piggybacking off PRIDE! What is virtue signalling and why are the gardaí so tone deaf? When should we accept support and when should we be wary?
We’re asking you like, we have no answers honestly.
Finally, Karen is not Doctor Seuss but is still acting like an absolute Sam I am. What? Exactly.

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